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    What battery do you recommend for the 12v 55lbs bow mount trolling motor?

    We recommend 12v 105Ah deep cycle battery.


    Is there a free remote control being shipped with each bow mount trolling motor?

    Yes, each bow mount trolling motor equiped with a wireless remote control for free.


    Can the bow mount motor be mounted on the stern of the boat?

    The bow mount motor can be mounted on the stern of the boat. Only need that there is a flat of 4.7inch x 9 inch on the stern. Or can mount it on the transom board using a bracket for bow mount.


    Will the direction be influented when the bow mount trolling motor is mounted on the stern?

    The shaft of our bow mount trolling motor can be rotated 360 degree. When rotates the shaft 180 degree using remote control, the boat will forward in the opposite direction.


    What if the pontoon boat leaks air?

    Please make a preliminary inspection with soapy water to find out where the place leaks. And then use the maintanence mat in the repair kit to make a simple repair.


    Where is the instructions and certificate of origin?

    They are in the middle of the aluminum floor in the boat bag.


    What if we need a bill of sale?

    We can help you fill out it, only need you to send us the boat card.